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"In the play therapy experience, toys are like the child's words & play is the child's language" Garry L Landreth.

Play Therapy and Family Consultancy Glasgow


Is a small private play therapy service that provides therapy to children and young people between the ages of 3-16. Play Therapy helps children understand their worries and helps them to make some sense of events that are troubling them. With the guidance of a qualified play therapist children are able to explore their difficulties in their own way and at their own pace in a specialised playroom. Talking can be hard for children but through the use of different play therapy resources such as clay, puppets, music, sand and games children can express themselves how they choose.

Who is play therapy for?


Play therapy is for children and young people who have experienced some of the following: loss & separation, bullying, family difficulties, developmental difficulties including Autistic Spectrum Disorder, attachment difficulties, trauma and abuse and low confidence and self-esteem.

How it works

Children and young people come to see Cheryl at Play Therapy and Family Consultancy Glasgow weekly for an initial assessment. After this is complete, providing play therapy is suitable Cheryl will see your child for weekly individual sessions. Regular feedback will be provided.

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